Careline Essential+ Personal Alarm Plan

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Careline365 Smart Trigger Pendant and Smartlife Personal Alarm
Careline365 Smart Trigger Pendant

Careline Essential+ Personal Alarm Plan

From £15.99/month

  • 4x faster alarm connection time than a standard monitoring system
  • 24/7 monitoring from our in-house CareTeam
  • 600m alert range
  • Lightweight and waterproof pendant
  • 24-hour backup battery
  • Fall detection compatible
  • End to end encryption
  • Billed annually

Pay AnnuallySave £47.89 if paid annually


Find out if you qualify for VAT exemption

If you as the alarm user, or the person you are ordering for, have a long-term illness or disability, then you do not have to pay VAT for this service. If you select yes for VAT exemption, no VAT will be added to your purchase price. You will need to complete a short VAT relief form which will be sent to you after your order. If you do not qualify for VAT exemption, please select no at checkout.For further information on VAT Exemption please visit our blog. Alternatively, you can find out more on the HMRC website.


Future Proof Technology

Our SmartLife alarms are leading the market in home safety and response. Our digital service means you can be connected to our system in less than 10 seconds. No need to worry about failing phonelines or slow internet.  

The SmartLife alarm is the most advanced personal alarm system available, developed and manufactured by Careline365 to give you the best quality service. 


Peace of Mind Throughout the Home and Garden

The SmartLife alarm has a range of up to 600m between the base unit and the pendant. Count on guaranteed 24/7 support wherever you are in your home or garden. Feel reassured knowing that our Care Team are there to keep you safe in the home you love. 


Compatible with Careline Additions

Your SmartLife alarm can be paired with an extra pendant. Ideal for if you misplace your pendant or want to cover two people with one alarm plan. 

The alarm is also compatible with our optical smoke detectors. When smoke is detected, the alarm will sound and send an alert to the Care Team. 

For extra peace of mind upgrade to fall detection, which sends an automatic alert after a fall. From only 0.67 per Day automatic fall detection gives reassurance and increased protection.  


How the Careline SmartLife Alarm Works

Careline365 personal alarms all connect to our in-house 24/7 Emergency Care Team. Accredited by the TSA, our team are trained to the highest standard, providing you with the help you need, when you need it. 

1) Trigger your SmartLife alarm by pressing the button on your pendant or alarm base unit. This sends an alert to our 24/7 Emergency Care Team. With our fastest alarm speed, your SmartLife unit can connect to our system in less than 10 seconds.


2) Your alert will come through to our team who will answer your call and speak to you through the alarm base unit. They will alert your emergency contacts that help is required. 


3) If, for any reason, you are unable to hear the team or respond, they will inform your emergency contacts. Where medical attention is required, the emergency services will be alerted.