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We support thousands of elderly, disabled and vulnerable people in the comfort of their own homes.

We work hard to make sure that we are never beaten on price or quality. Please call us for free on 0800 101 3333 to discuss our price guarantee.

For new customers, there is a setup fee of £40.00 which covers the cost of setting up a new account.
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What is Careline?

The Careline alarm is designed to help older, frail or disabled people remain in their own homes, with the knowledge that they always have somebody to help them in an emergency.

The Careline service includes an alarm base unit, which plugs into the telephone line, and a comfortable pendant which goes around the wrist or neck. All attachments are included in the Careline package.

The Careline alarm can easily be installed and tested by the user. Once the test is complete, the user will be connected to our 24-hour Care Team.

In an emergency, the alarm user simply presses the red button on their pendant and the care team will respond. The situation is assessed over the base unit's loudspeaker and help is found in the form of emergency contacts and, if needed, the emergency services.

A powerful little pendant

The pendant which accompanies the Careline alarm's base unit has some useful features:

  • It's lightweight, comfortable and discreet.
  • It can be worn around the wrist or neck.
  • It's waterproof for use in the bath or shower.
  • It has a range of around 100 metres for use in the garden.

Supporting independence

Careline are committed to helping vulnerable people stay safe and confident at home. People want to stay in the comfort of their own homes and our personal alarm service can help them to achieve this.

Careline is a name people know and trust, we have helped countless peoples across the UK to live a happy and independent life.

Next day delivery

Careline offers free next day delivery on all of our alarms and key safes. If a Careline alarm is ordered before 5pm, it will be delivered the next working day. This means our customers can be set-up within 24-hours of ordering.

If our customers change their minds about having a Careline alarm in their home, we also offer them a 30-day money back guarantee.

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How about a Key Safe?

It is vital that emergency contacts and the emergency services can gain access to the Careline alarm user's home if they've had a fall or medical incident. To ensure this is possible, some customers choose to install a key safe on the exterior wall of their home.

A key safe is a small secure box which stores house keys behind a combination lock. Only the alarm user and people of their choice will know the code. This code will also be passed on to the monitoring team so that they can share these details with the emergency services.

This information can ensure that help can get to the alarm user even faster. The moments saved by having a key safe could end up making all the difference.

We currently have three different key safes available to add to our Careline alarm packages.

Why Choose Careline?

Careline is the UK’s favourite provider of personal alarms. We offer the latest in personal alarm technology and provide free next day delivery to our customers. This makes the ordering process quick and easy, which can be important if the alarm user is coming out of hospital or if they live alone.

The Careline alarm is exceptionally easy to install. The user simply needs to plug the alarm into their existing telephone socket and a power socket, before connecting their telephone to the alarm base unit via an adaptor provided.

Alongside the Careline Alarm, we also offer a range of security and safety products which work perfectly alongside our service. This includes key safes and smoke detectors.

Our highly-trained Care Team work 24/7, 365 days of the year to ensure that help is always available to our customers. To see what our customers, and their families, have to say about Careline, please see our reviews.

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Careline Customer Reviews

Having just bought this for my parents I am very happy to recommend this system to others. The package arrived quickly and was easy to set up. I also ordered a keysafe which was also very easy to secure to an outside wall. My parents now have peace of mind." - Matt Harridge, West Sussex.
They really look out for you and care about your well being. This alarm has made me feel a lot safer when my husband goes out and I'm at home by myself. I don't have to worry about being helpless any more." - Mrs Belmont, Bolton.
It's a brilliant service, and I now feel completely comfortable living at home on my own where as before I used to worry a lot about falling and always had to be very cautious. Careline has been a saviour for me." - Jane Martin, Liverpool.
I ordered the Careline equipment over the telephone as I needed to explain the problem. The sales person couldn't have been more helpful, advising the pros and cons of each type of pendant. The order arrived the following day and the set up of the system was very simple." - Mr Vier, Borehamwood.
I received the alarm the next day, it was easy to set up with the instructions. What I liked about the alarm was my mother could wear it on her wrist and could forget about it and always have the alarm with her." - Mr Norman, Suffolk.
The whole process of setting up a Care-Line was very simple and the customer service team guided us every step of the way. My mother now feels safe living independently and my mind has been put at ease." - Louise Jenkins, Hartlepool.
Make a Referral

Careline accepts referrals from doctors and nurses, as well as friends and family. If there’s somebody you believe could benefit from a Careline Alarm please make a referral and we’ll be in touch.

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