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Careline Monthly Plan

(13 customer reviews)


The Careline Monthly Plan is for those who want the full protection of a Careline Alarm without the large upfront cost. The first quarter (3 months) is paid in advance. Following this, payments are charged quarterly by Direct Debit.

The Careline Monthly Plan includes:

  • Careline Alarm Base Unit (complete with adaptors and cables)
  • Careline Waterproof Pendant (with 7 year battery life)
  • Wrist & Neck attachments
  • 24/7 Monitoring Service
  • Alarm Dimensions: H:185mm x W:122mm x D:41mm

13 reviews for Careline Monthly Plan

  1. Tracy Marshall.

    This alarm is amazing. They answer really quickly. You can be any age. I’m only 41 but my health has got worse and more conditions, so with my daughter going to uni I’ll be alone a lot so it’s peace of mind for both of us. It gets me out a bit more too. As I feel safer having the alarm with me if I get poorly in the street like I have a few times. Also I love that my family can ring the phone number of my fob and it automatically answers and is on loud speaker so they can shout me and I’ll hear them from anywhere in the house. The phone number Is on the box that the fob came in. Mine is the one that I can use anywhere in the uk.

  2. Reginald Hatfield

    Good idea as I live alone now.

  3. Sian watson

    My husband has used his emergency call button several times. An amazing service. The last time he was sitting on the side of his bed and just gently fell forward but hit his head on the wall. Blood everywhere. By chance I was not in my bedroom with his baby monitor but was in a bedroom with the grandchildren. My husband pushed his button. I heard our phone going through the dialling tone sequence. I ran downstairs and I was talking to the Responder at the same time that I saw the blood. She said “shall I call the ambulance for you” – amazing. I could just concentrate on stopping the bleeding , keeping him warm and comfortable. The Responder then kept me informed that the ambulance was on its way. I was not alone! Accidents can happen just when you are in a different room. So a great service.

  4. Lucia

    A brilliant device. So glad I have it now

  5. Ruth Gibbs

    Have not yet received so difficult to review but happy with information so far.

  6. Barb


  7. Jon

    Not used it yet but feel safer knowing it’s there

  8. Connie Smith

    I feel much safer at home now I have my button.

  9. Juliette

    Really great alarm system. Bought this for my aunt and I instantly feel more content when I leave her each morning. Thanks Care Line!!!

  10. Richard Green – Glasgow

    Delivery very quick and setup simple. Pleased with how easy the whole process was to set up for my elderly aunt. Person on the other end of the test call was efficient and answered quickly. Very reassuring.

  11. Sam T

    Super service for the price, reassuring to have around

  12. Jean

    Fantastic service from the team in the office when I ordered my alarm. The lady I spoke to was very friendly. Haven’t used the pendant yet but I feel better knowing it’s there, especially when I’m in the garden

  13. George Jones

    This is for my father who is due home from St Luke’s Hospice on Tuesday 21st July.he has heart failure and would have piece of mind with one of your devices as soon as possible.Gary Jones (son)

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