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Careline GSM Alarm Unit

Careline GSM Alarm


The Careline GSM Alarm is a hub for telecare in the home, monitoring the environment 24 hours a day. Unlike many telecare devices, you don’t need a landline to use the Careline GSM Alarm – the unit has an integrated GSM module to enable the unit to be deployed on a mobile phone network. To ensure you receive the highest quality possible, the sim card inside your alarm will search for the strongest signal from various providers, and connect to the strongest network. The Careline GSM also utilises STMF protocol, to ensure more reliable communication to a monitoring centre over the GSM network.

How does it work?

Once your alarm has arrived, you simply need to plug it in to the mains power in your home, and our behind-the-scenes team at Careline will do the rest. As the alarm uses the mobile phone network, you don’t need a landline. Once set up, users can call for help by pressing the large button on the Careline GSM Alarm, or by pressing the red button on their pendant anywhere in the home. The call is raised to the 24-hour monitoring centre where call details (caller’s name, address and relevant information) are displayed on screen.

The operator is able to communicate with the caller through the unit’s loudspeaker/microphone and decide upon an appropriate course of action. This may be calling one of the emergency contacts on the user’s file, or the emergency services if required.

This service includes:

  • The plug & play Careline GSM alarm unit, complete with adaptor and stand
  • 1 x Careline Waterproof Touch Pendant (with 7 year battery life)
  • 1 x Adjustable wrist strap with Aluminium Fixing Stud and attachment
  • 1 x Neck lanyard cord with safety break
  • 12 months monitoring from our expert Care Team


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